In February, the Japanese conglomerate, GMO Internet Group earned on the mining of cryptocurrencies about $1.8 million Per month, the company produced 124 287 Bitcoin bitcoin and Cash, according to Finance Magnates.

In comparison with January performance mining-GMO farms increased significantly — then, the company produced 93 25 BTC and BCH. Thus, bitcoins in February produced 30% more, and the volume of the received BCH rose more than 10 times.

During this same period, the total hash rate has grown from 27 to 108 PH/s, demonstrating a four-fold increase. According to representatives of the GMO, until the end of 2018, the organization plans to reach the level of 3000 PH/s.

For comparison, the San Francisco company BitFury, which accounts for about 1.6% of global mining power that mines cryptocurrency with a frequency of about 295 PH/s. Thus, GMO Internet has reached about one third of this can see in just two months.

Recall that in September last year, Tokyo-based Corporation, GMO Internet Group announced plans to invest $320 million in the mining industry. Later, the company announced its intention to take a leading position in the field of mining of cryptocurrencies and open a separate office in Northern Europe.