Finance Ministers and Central Bank heads of the 20 largest economies in the world at a meeting in Buenos Aires agreed to monitor the cryptocurrency and return to the problem of regulation of the industry at a later date.

“We encourage international standardizing bodies to continue monitoring scriptactive and risks in accordance with the mandates and comprehensively evaluate the responses as necessary”, — said in a communique G20 financial leaders.

They also welcomed the new standards to be proposed by the Group of development of financial measures to combat money laundering (FATF), an organization created in Paris by the countries “Big seven” to fight financial crimes. To date, the FATF includes 35 States and 2 international organizations.

Reuters sources believe one of the reasons for the current inaction of the G20 in regard to the regulation of scriptaction that they do not pose a threat to the financial markets in connection with minor volumes. This position was outlined in a letter to G20 mark Carney (Mark Carney) — the head of the financial stability Board and Governor of the Bank of England.

Another reason for the disagreement between the two countries. France proposed to take concrete steps such as a ban to the General public on deposits and loans in the digital currency, as well as marketing investments based on them. Other countries fear that the introduction of regulation of cryptocurrency will mean at least a partial, but recognition of them.

But, as noted by the Governor of the Central Bank of Argentina Federico Sturzenegger (with Federico Sturzenegger), the summit sounded a request for specific recommendations to the next meeting, which will take place in July. And the Governor of the Central Bank of Italy Ignazio visco (Ignazio Visco) expressed confidence that eventually the financial leaders of the G20 will charge the International organization of securities commissions (IOSCO) to develop standards for scriptaction.