Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency index Fund.

The minimum Deposit for participation in the Fund will be $10,000. The Commission for the management of funds is 2%, the incentive Commission is absent, which is not often found in traditional markets, but it becomes the norm for cryptocurrency passive investment vehicles.

Investors can make their deposits in United States dollars and in any of the cryptocurrencies represented in the Fund. Currently, these services are Coinbase only available to American accredited investors, but the company plans to open access Fund for international investors.

Deposits can be paid monthly, then the withdrawal is to be made on a quarterly basis. Period limitations on withdrawals is not provided. All investors invested funds are stored in cold wallets.

This is the first tool of a new division Coinbase asset management. In his basket will include all the digital assets presented on GDAX, in the following ratio: bitcoin — 62%, Ethereum — 27%, BCash -7%, Litecoin -4%.

New investment instruments Coinbase will not be limited range GDAX, this is the best approach to ensure maximum liquidity of assets.