Crypto-currencies continue to decline on Sunday. Especially painful may be the fall of Ethereum, which is the first time since early December fell below $500. For the week, the cryptocurrency fell by half and by 70% in the last 3 months.

At these levels, the cryptocurrency was trading before 11 July, i.e. before the launch of futures on bitcoin. On the chart Ethereum the start of trading on futures corresponds to the large green candle. The same candle can be found on the chart of bitcoin on December 5.

The next significant point on the way Ethereum could be the level of $420, that is, the maximum may 2017.

As for today’s drop, a popular Twitter commentator WhalePanda suggests that it might be related to ongoing in respect of cryptocurrency projects by the investigation Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA and on the other, as yet unknown information, which is forcing some ICO/major cryptocurrency holders to liquidate their assets.

Since people are always trying to look for explanations on why there are dumps… Why did $ETH dump so hard? Some ICOs/big holders trying to get rid of it because of the ongoing investigations or other information we don’t know yet? 🤔😉

— WhalePanda (@WhalePanda) 18 Mar 2018

Recently, a representative of the office confirmed that such investigations, the regulator is “tens”.

At the same time decreases the most other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin for the last day fell by 5% and is currently trading around $7 800. Most of the top ten lost Cardano and Stellar – 18% and 20% respectively. While Cardano is trading at 90% below the peak in early January around $1,30.

The only cryptocurrency of the first hundred, the rate of which in recent days was up, was IOTA – its price has increased by 5.8%.

The capitalization of the segment thus fell below $300 billion, that is, until the end of November last year. The index of dominance of bitcoin continues to rise and reached 44.6% of the.