Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, in January suffered from hacking, in which hackers stole $530 million in tokens NEM (XEM), the results ended in March of the financial year recorded a profit of 6.3 billion yen from sales in the amount of 62.6 billion yen. Thus, operating margin of crypto currency exchange has reached 86%.

However, last month Coincheck has paid to the victims from breaking the users $431,6 million (46 billion yen).

Recall that for hacking the Agency for financial services of Japan (FSA) is tightening the requirements for cryptomeria. The financial regulator has suspended the exchanges Eternal Link and FSHO, made warning Minnano Bitcoin and Everybody’s Bitcoin and crypto currency exchange Tokyo GateWay and Mr. The Exchange withdrew the application for a license from the FSA and announced the withdrawal from the business. At the same time online broker Monex Group, bought Coincheck in the beginning of the month, announced plans to develop their own blockchain platform and holding ICO. The company’s CEO Oki Matsumoto (Oki Matsumoto) believes that cryptocurrency exchanges should be regulated by banking regulations.