American cryptocurrency platform Coinbase announced that in the coming months implementeret support technological standard ERC20. This will allow in the future to add to the site a number of new assets, but since the blog is not specified.

Note the standard ERC20 used in smart contracts and Ethereum has become very popular among developers and organizers of primary offerings of coins.

According to the report, support ERC20 will allow you to keep using the service Coinbase Custody a number of new assets, but not all of them will be available for trading on the GDAX or Coinbase.

It is noted that the development team intends to wait until a clearer regulatory framework before making the decision whether to add those or other assets ERC20 for GDAX. In addition, the standard support will enable safe to recover assets sent by mistake by users of Ethereum addresses GDAX and Coinbase.

As for Coinbase Asset Management, the index methodology any assets listing GDAX will be added to the Coinbase index Index based on market capitalization.

In General, new assets will enter the listing Coinbase only after will be added for GDAX. The assessment will be made on a number of parameters, including the liquidity, stability of prices and other indicators of “market health”. Any of ERC20 assets appeared on the GDAX, can be selected and to be added to Coinbase.

At the same time underlined that, most likely, listing GDAX will be more new assets than Coinbase, so adding to the latter is not guaranteed.

Finally, the introduction of support ERC20 in Coinbase Commerce is not planned yet.

Earlier, Coinbase announced the cessation of support for repositories for the cryptocurrency, an additional layer of security which provides feature of multipurpose.

Also ForkLog reported about the vulnerability on the Coinbase platform, which has opened up access to free of charge ability to charge a cryptocurrency Ethereum.