Cisco is engaged in the manufacture and sale of network equipment, on Tuesday was granted a patent that can be used for bitcoin mining CoinDesk writes.

According to the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA, Cisco filed a patent application for “crowdsourcing system for cloud computing” in September 2015. It describes how people can offer the unused computing resources of their PCs to perform various tasks, including energy-intensive mining.

As stated in the application for that user can share their resources and thereby create a dedicated computing system that can be used in the form of “clouds”. Subsequently, this “cloud” can be used for other tasks.

“This model is suitable, among other things, for distributed processing tasks, and distributed services that can be optimized for speed, volume, scale, reliability, price and compatibility with the law. For example, a distributed regional system of protection against hacking or the services running within the cluster, city or County… One of the possible applications is the mining of bitcoin, which can be very resource-intensive and, as a rule, more convenient for each participant, if you are in the mining-pools”, – is spoken in the application.

Cisco also talked about the advantages of distributed computing, as ease of scalability, and resistance to certain types of attacks. In addition, the company writes that “the service provider may use geographic distribution to unload or load balancing in the network, as well as to resell a large scale, cheap computing resources and storage of information.”

Cisco is one of the many companies involved in enterprise technology, but at the same time issleduyutsya capabilities of the blockchain, especially in the area of Internet of things and devices connected.

The company has filed patent applications and other methods of use of the blockchain, including tracking data in group chats.