Was in Dublin the company Circle Internet Financial, who started as a mobile payment platform, and is now engaged in consumer lending, seeks to improve the quality of operations, client support and improve the workability of the exchange Poloniex, which she bought in February. Circle will hire 25 to 35 people to expand its operations in Hong Kong and mainland China (now doing this 10 people), and also form teams to work in South Korea and Japan. All staff will expand by about 100 people. This was told to journalists by osnovatel company Jeremy Allaire.

The extension is another sign that the cryptocurrency entrepreneurs in the field do not lose spirit when increased oversight and active sale of digital assets, which has led to the fall of bitcoin prices in half. Allaire, who believes that digital tokens will have a great future, said that the Circle intends to cooperate with the authorities during the global expansion of its activities.

Speaking in Hong Kong, Aller noticed in connection with the exchange Poloniex:

In the long term all forms of value on the planet will be cryptotoken. We strive to offer more markets, more assets. We want to adapt them to local specificities and to launch in international markets. In addition, it is critical for us to establish cooperation with key regulators.

The company website reports that work Circle provides venture capital in the amount of $140 million received from Goldman Sachs (lead investor), Baidu Bank and China International Capital. According to Aller, while the company has no plans for more fundraising and expects to make a profit in the second year of operation.

Products include Circle Circle payment application Pay, a platform for investments in digital assets Invest Circle and Circle Trade company, providing services to market-making. The latter has funds of approximately $4 billion a month and plans to support cryptocurrency trading in Asian currencies such as Hong Kong and Singapore dollars.

According to the materials of Bloomberg