Wednesday, April 25, the trading volume of bitcoin futures at the Chicago Board options exchange (CBOE) is almost three times higher than the average daily rate up nearly 19 thousand contracts. This result broke the previous record, which was January 17, when daily trading volume reached 15 thousand contracts.

In this Monday on the CBOE were sold 3881, Tuesday – 6653, and on Thursday – 5634 contracts. However, the CBOE has been informed by the Commission on urgent exchange trade of the USA (CFTC) that going from 1 may to change the price of bitcoin futures from 10 to 5 points.

$XBT #BitcoinFutures highest daily volume – 3X the normal ADV, @kpdavitt13 details high volume & ranges in the underlying, #Cryptocurrency trending higher: #bitcoincash $BCH, $EOS market cap #crypto

— Cboe (@CBOE) on April 26, 2018

A sharp jump in trading volumes, bitcoin futures recorded at the Chicago Mercantile exchange (CME Group) where he has reached 11 thousand contracts a day, twice exceeding the figures Tuesday.

#Bitcoin futures liquidity continues to build. A record of more than 11,000 contracts (56,010 equivalent bitcoin) traded Wednesday. April average daily volume is currently 3,716 contracts, up 44% vs. March. #BTC

— CMEGroup (@CMEGroup) April 26, 2018

Experts disagree about the causes of such changes. While some of them explain their end-of-term first contracts, while others associate them with the activities of large traders that actively enter the market of digital currencies.

Recall that a month ago, chief market strategist at RJO Futures Phillip Streible (Phillip Streible) said that the futures market for bitcoin has entered into a state of contango, suggesting further the agony of the cryptocurrency.