Blogger Bitfinex’ed, who have repeatedly stood with the exposure of the activities of the crypto currency exchange Bitfinex and the company’s Tether, hired a lawyer and partner of the law firm Anderson Kill from Washington Stephen Palli (Steven Palley) to represent him in the fight against crypto currency exchange.

As it became known, the services of a prominent lawyer, an anonymous blogger asked in December 2017, however, hid this fact from the public. Bitfinex’ed argues that the disclosure of personal information about him someone promised five figures. In addition, he accuses bots Bitfinex in the temporary locking his account on Twitter.

The lawyer confirmed that the blogger has repeatedly received threats, and legal Advisor Bitfinex Stuart Hegner (Stuart Hoegner) is aware of this fact and warned of the legal consequences that may occur if it turns out that the exchange was involved in the bullying his client.

Recall that the volume of daily trading Bitfinex currently ranks third in the world. In December last year, representatives of the crypto currency exchange announced that it will be in court to deal with those who escalate the negative atmosphere around its activities. At the same time Bitfinex’ed wrote that revealed bot Picasso, which raises prices on Coinbase and Bitfinex GDAX. And 6 December, the Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC) sent Bitfinex and Tether subpoenas because, according to one person familiar with the situation source Bloomberg, the regulator is concerned about the issue of Tether tokens USDT, the amount which the market exceeded $2.3 billion with an average price of about $1.