Blockchain-project Smart Trip announced the launch of a platform that allows you to plan any overseas travel: book airline tickets, hotel room and enjoy the excursion. According to the authors of the project, their blockchain solution could be a universal platform for millions of users around the world.

A single interface and allows payment tokens TASH eliminates the tedious need to resort to using different sites for booking rooms, flights and sightseeing. All necessary steps can be done on a single network platform.

Financial Director at Smart Trip Uldis Gaymens says:

All this is possible thanks to smart contracts on the blockchain. For example, you order a service, and your wallet is debited the appropriate amount. However, the service provider will not get the money until both parties confirm that services were actually rendered.

According to Gaismina and his colleagues, travel companies in different countries lose potential customers due to language barrier and lack of active promotion of its services on the network. If London, Amsterdam or Bangkok, has long promoted, it is no less interesting from a tourist point of view of the city remain out of sight of the General public.

Platform Smart Trip intended to address this problem through targeted advertising and group chat, through which tourism fans will be able to learn more about the places you want to visit.

Other proposals of the platform include interactive PhraseBook, compiled by native speakers, the service is a voice-activated machine translation and a set of tips that will help avoid problems in communication with local residents and the police, find a restaurant to taste a little-known attraction, etc.

The platform is planning to issue its own debit cards with tokens TASH — they will pay for any services while traveling.