A leading manufacturer of equipment for mining cryptocurrency company Bitmain has officially announced the start of sales of E3 Antminer, ASIC miner for the extraction of the second capitalization of the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

We are pleased to announce the Antminer E3, the world’s most powerful and efficient EtHash ASIC miner.
The Ordering limit of one miner per user and not available in China.
Limited stock, order here now: https://t.co/Zfw3afjJHs#antminerE3 pic.twitter.com/SjHu2eUThp

— BITMAIN (@BITMAINtech) 3 April 2018

The main feature of the Antminer E3 is to work with Ethash algorithm, which is used in Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

As stated on the Bitmain website, Hasrat devices, “conservative estimates” is 180MH/s, however, the company expects that in the future this figure will be increased. Weight Antminer E3 — 13 kg, power consumption – 800 watts.

The cost of the new device is $800, the expected delivery date of the first installment 16 July to 31 July 2018. As payment the company accepts only Cash and Bitcoin USD.

Recall that in March the developer of Ethereum Vlad Zamfir conducted a survey regarding the idea of a potential hard forks, which can make ASIC miners are useless. According to its results, more than half of voters expressed readiness to support this initiative.

In addition, in April, was presented to the technical characteristics of the first phase of the upcoming updates Friendly Finality Gadget Casper (Casper FFG), which will allow Ethereum go to a hybrid mechanism of consensus Proof-of-Work (PoW) / Proof-of-Stake (PoS).