The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) said that if cryptocurrency exchange traded tokens that fall under the definition of securities, these platforms must be registered with the SEC as national securities exchanges, alternative trading systems or brokers in accordance with Federal law.

Statement: Statement on Potentially Unlawful Online Platforms for Trading Digital Assets

— SEC_News (@SEC_News) 7 March 2018

The Commission noted that many of the crypto sites only present themselves as registered entities but really they are not, which means the lack of legal protection of investors. Despite the fact that these platforms have developed safety standards, the SEC has not tested them and did not approve trading protocols.

Simultaneously, the network is actively spread rumors about the breaking of the fourth volume cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Reddit users are reporting that some bitcoin-assets were transferred to Ethereum and removed outside the site. Some have reported the inability to withdraw funds, while others deny it and claim that everything is operating normally.

Official representatives of Binance on Reddit said that are aware that users that use API keys to synchronize with the trading bots, have become the main victims of unauthorized trading operations. They argue that exchange itself is not compromised.

The network also discussed the possibility of breaking popular trading bot which was able to sell bitcoin and some altcoins in favor of other assets.

The average rate of bitcoin is just over an hour had fallen by almost $1000, down on the number of exchanges to $9450.

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Recall that in late January was hacked exchange Coincheck.