Billionaire Alan Howard is interested in private investment in crypto currencies in the past year and in the future plans to increase their investments. About it writes Bloomberg, citing familiar with the situation source.

Howard is the co-founder of hedge Fund Brevan Howard Asset Management, has already hired at least one employee that will help him to control the “volume” of cryptocurrency investments. In the near future he intends to expand such employees, as is going to invest more in the ICO, and to buy into blockchain startups individually.

In addition, the source reports that other partners Brevan Howard also invest their personal funds in digital assets, although hedge Fund, which manages assets worth $9.1 billion, with cryptocurrencies is not working.

It is worth noting that to venture investment partners I decided to turn on the background loss of the main hedge Fund Brevan Howard, which lost 5.4% in 2017, turned out the most unsuccessful for the last 14 years. Low rates have led to the fact that the amount of the Fund’s assets fell below $10 billion, while at the peak it reached $40 billion.

Earlier it became known that the Fund is PayPal founder Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund can hold in crypto-currencies the amount measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars.