There is a new software for mining Xrig, working with the Cryptonight algorithm and optimized for graphics cards from AMD RX Vega (should work with other graphics cards of this company). Its performance is close to the indicators that demonstrate high performance miners with RX Vega from AMD, such as Cast-or XMR XMR-stak, and it means 1900-2000 hashes per second depending on settings.

ON Xrig is especially interesting built-in monitoring hardware, as well as the ability to customize the clock frequency and voltage through the configuration file. It’s open source, although a binary file the default Windows includes a Commission of 1% for developers. Apparently, the software makes such a deduction in the mining process, before the coins come to you.

The miner comes complete with a restart script of the video card and devcon.exe however, this kit may not work immediately, as you will need a specific version devcon.exe depending on your Windows version. Described here is a simple way to get the correct version of devcon.

In addition you must experience the miner, and to compare what the performance turns out on your GPUs Vega 56/64 (or other graphics processors from AMD), and if it works better than other alternatives. If you are not using configuration file (better to create it — for example on Github), don’t forget to set the intensity parameter to the command line that the miner worked.