A division of the Chinese giant Bitmain mining pool Antpool began to burn 12% transactional commissions, which they receive in the process of mining Bitcoin Cash.

Some BITCOIN CASH (BCH) investors may have noticed that Antpool has recently begun burning BCH by sending mining fees to a black hole address with each block mined. Twelve percent of the transaction fees earned by… https://t.co/HKC4VAMPlA

— AntPool (@AntPoolofficial) 20 Quine 2018 R.

“Some investors Bitcoin Cash may have noticed that Antpool has recently started to burn the BCH by sending mining commissions from each of the extracted block address, which is the “black hole””

As noted on the website of the company, it is about 12% get pool mining commissions, and the “black hole” means an address to which no one has access.

According to Antpool, “Cash now Bitcoin is at a tipping point, becoming widely used public bloccano”. At the same time, there are high hopes for is scheduled for may 15 hardwork Bitcoin Cash, which, in particular, will increase the block size to 32 MB, which “will avoid the risk of network congestion”.

“During the forthcoming wave of innovation, we believe, will significantly increase the volume oncein-transaction”, — noted the representatives of Antpool.

According to them, combustion of part of the commissions support the Bitcoin ecosystem and the Cash will boost the prices of coins in the long run.

“The active users of the BCH is very important ecosystems. However, another fundamental requirement for maintaining a strong economy is the presence of investors store Bitcoin Cash. Without these holders of the exchange rate loses significant support — continue thought the representatives of Antpool. — We believe that they also need to profit from the growth of BCH commensurate with their share in the ecosystem. Miners earn transaction fees is an important indicator of the growth of the ecosystem of Bitcoin Cash. Combustion of part of the commissions would allow the miners to actually share their revenue with all the network of the BCH”

Note that Antpool is not the largest earner BCH. According to the Coin.Dance over the last seven days, it had 7.1% of the Bitcoin block Cash:

Recall that a month ago BitMEX the researchers came to the conclusion that the amount of SegWit transactions in the bitcoin network exceeds the total number of transactions the Bitcoin Cash.