The utility (PUD) Chelan County, Washington state disconnected from energosnabzhenie three mining sites: the apartment in Wenatchee, in the house in Malaga and the mini store in Silane — because “they used the power sufficient to create risk of fire to neighbours and damage to network equipment that is not designed for such loads”. The service has identified 28 illegal mining sites, 9 of them were closed in March.

So, in Wenatchee officers, after examining the indicators of measuring instruments, found that in one of the apartments in which no one lives, the energy consumption has increased from 500 kWh to over 11000 WCL/hour, with room for equipment cooling was open Windows and balcony doors.

PUD Commissioner Steve McKenna (Steve McKenna) stated that the service intend to deal with those individuals who endanger others, and in the future violators will be prosecuted. We are talking about unregistered mining facilities, which are used in the wrong places for them. As one of the ways of dealing with the miners in PUD see installation on building automatic counters of electricity consumption “before she burned down the house or killed a family or children.” Also offenders can expect fines and disconnection from the mains.

Recall that a month ago, Shelan announced a moratorium on the issuance of permits for the activities of the new miners. The town of Wenatchee, which has called the mining capital of the United States, also began to introduce limits for new mining initiatives.