Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure platforms, cloud-based web services, an Amazon company, has presented its decision on the basis of the blockchain called the Blockchain AWS Templates that will allow users to create and run your own “instant” blackany: public (Ethereum) or private (Hyperledger Fabric).

The news came immediately after it became known that Amazon was granted a patent covering “the market for streaming data”. It is unclear how far the company plans to go in this direction, but it is definitely showing interest in him.

The essence of the service is to allow developers to focus on creating their own blockchain apps, instead of spending time setting up work blockchain. Deployment frameworks will occur through the use of certified managed templates (templates) AWS CloudFormation. It is argued that users can create their own network in minutes.

In an official statement, Jeff Barr, AWS chief ideologist, said that the users of AWS have to pay “for the resources needed to start their own blockchains”. AWS Blockchain Templates are provided for deployment of the framework of the blockchain, selected as a container in the cluster Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) or directly on the EC2 instance running in Docker.

The network, which was launched on the basis of Ethereum will support mining and to have access to the page EthStats to monitor network performance. In addition, will be given the tools EthExplorer, which will allow the user to monitor transactions and smart contracts.

The blockchain technology is now developing very rapidly. She has already shown its main advantages compared to existing solutions. Safety, resistance and transparency of the blockchain is well appreciated in several industries, and the solution Amazon clearly indicates the company’s commitment to innovation.