The attitude of the organizers of the ICO Bananacoin and their investors took the form of a criminal case soon after the end of a crowdfunding campaign. The participants of the ICO decided to explore further provided with project information and found that they were deceived in some cases.

The application filed by a resident of Lobnya Eugene Titus, who believes that the organizers of the ICO Bananacoin stole his money by deception. Titus bought 1037 tokens BCO. On ICO 1 token was worth $0.5, and in total, according to information on the website Bananacoin, the project managed to attract more than $3 million.

As found by the victim, Bananacoin, who promised to engage in the cultivation of organic bananas in Laos, and then export to China, does not have any plantations in Laos, nor was there the company on the stated command.

On its website, the organizers give a number of materials, including photos authentic Lao plantation, owned by Russian Agriculture Development Co. The founder and inspirer Bananacoin Oleg Dobrovolsky really is related to this company, but it is only a minority shareholder, the controlling of 14.7%. The rest of the shareholders resolved on taking a picture of the plantation and, especially, the placement of materials on the website Bananacoin not allowed. They also sharply reacted negatively to the attempt Dobrovolsky to attract financing for its project by using the company’s assets.

The Shareholders Of Russian Agriculture Development Co. claim that a significant part of the information contained on the website Bananacoin, is not true. So, as a member of the project team showing the name of Alexander Magomedov, General Director of the Russian Agriculture Development Co., which his relationship with Bananacoin denies. The same is true in the case of the agronomist Bananacoin citizen of Thailand Prasanna Sangkatauhan.

Distorted information organizers and speaking about the profitability of his enterprise. The plantation, which they do not actually belong to you, supposedly makes a profit of $5 million Referring to the documents of Russian Agriculture Development Co., Bananacoin who publishes in open access, the source detects that 2 years of work of the company she was able to earn more than $250 000.

Besides grown in Laos are bananas, which Bananacoin allegedly will export to China do not correspond to the declared characteristics, because they can not be organic by definition.

According to the source, Russian Agriculture Development Co. was forced to suspend its activities in November last year because of the actions of the organizers of the ICO Banacoin. The latter in turn do not plan to rest on our laurels and are about to launch the agricultural platform and to cultivate mango in Cambodia.

“This is the first claim to the organizers of the ICO in Russia is the criminal legal field”, — says the founder of the legal group PARADIGMA Clement Roskoski. “Investors need to be extremely careful and carefully examine what and who they buy. Where is the excitement there and the crooks.”