Today, April 1, acne Buterin published a new proposal for the improvement of the Ethereum Protocol (EIP 960), according to which the maximum volume can be limited to 120 204 432 ETH.

According to the Creator, the second by market capitalization of cryptocurrency, this number is equivalent to two multiplied by the volume of supply of ETH, realized in 2014, during krautsalat project.

Thus, Buterin intends to make significant changes to monetary policy platform, investment attractiveness which quite often were the object of criticism from many members of the crypto community. So, if the offer is severely limited bitcoin only 21 million coins, then the rules of the Ethereum Protocol is designed quite differently — the issue of ETH limited 18 million coins per year.

According to Buterin, the new proposal is “to ensure sustainable economic development” platform.

“In the long term, the offer of coins will exponentially increase, approaching the maximum, in that time, as the size of the awards — in decreasing geometric progression tends to zero. Thus, if hypothetically Ethereum will remain on the Proof-of-Work, the size of the awards will Polovinnaya every 744 days,” — said Buterin.

In an alternative embodiment, the Creator of Ethereum offers also to consider the limitation of emissions ETH 144 million coins.

Judging by the comments to the EIP 960, the community as a whole reacted positively to the proposal. Some cryptoanalysis even called acne to quickly move from words to deeds:

…many as could be expected, considered EIP 960 for an April fool’s joke:

We will remind, recently Buterin proposed to levy a kind of “rent” for the use of Ethereum.