Recently it became known that the Fund Energo Lab, located in Shanghai, have switched their token issued for the project with renewable energy Energo (TSL), with blockchain Ethereum network Qtum.

This transition is important for blockchain Qtum. Fund Energo Lab works together with the largest producer of clean energy in the Philippines First Gen, now their microenergia on the blockchain fully utilizes a network of Qtum. This is the first case when the energy company began working exclusively on the blockchain Qtum.

Platform Qtum will be the core that handles registration, measurements, transactions and calculation of electricity passing through the local network.

A similar project is now running Energo Lab Foundation, a partner with De La Salle University, which implemented its own decentralized electricity network that allows p2p transaction between the companies. It is obvious that this network will also be displaced at Qtum.

Founder and chief Executive officer of the Fund Energo Lab Cocoa Jan spoke about a new project microenergia:

By combining the decentralized blockchain with solar panels and other equipment, we hope to accelerate the energy reform. We are working to ensure that in the near future to provide clean and affordable electricity to people in remote areas. We look forward to working with the University of De La Salle and want to establish new partnerships with leading players in the industry of clean technologies.”

Fund Energo Lab is also collaborating with the Clean Energy Access Network (Indian decentralised energy organization), Alliance for Rural Electricrification and Power for All, so the successful experience of the Fund may contribute to the further network integration Qtum.