Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, the Winklevoss twins, plans to add new pairs with LTC and BCH. Recall that the Gemini has an exclusive right for provision of the data used to calculate contracts for futures bitcoin Chicago Board exchange CBOE.

Previously it was reported that the CBOE and the CME Group prepared to launch futures on ether and litecoin.

The addition of BCH and LTC on the exchange, the Gemini, will increase the list of cryptocurrencies up to four pairs, the same number of offers Coindesk Inc., one of the main competitors of the Winklevoss brothers in the United States.

In his speech on Thursday at the event CBOE in Florida Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss stated that it was not concerned about a reduction in trading volumes from BTC, as it happened dozens of times and a long-term trend is still in the right direction. Also, they share the opinion that the quality and institutional framework is better than it was a year ago.

“In 2018, do you see the institutions, and wall street will indeed enter the market and things will look very different,” said Tyler Winklevoss.