Slobozhanske field investigators of Department of police and police officers of the Kharkiv region found a website through which a resident of the Ternopil region received access cryptocotylar and social networking accounts, then selling the obtained information on special forums.

Police found a website “” with the administrative panel of the malicious software Azorult designed to steal personal data. In the archives of the site was approximately 400 data files of infected computers from all over the world, including Ukrainian users.

Experts from the cyber-police have determined that the server administrator is a 16-year-old resident of Ternopil region. To conceal your IP address, he used a number of anonymizers and proxy servers, and the spread of malicious software was carried out by using the links on YouTube.

“After clicking on the link, a virus was downloaded to a computer and searched for the attacker the necessary information such as passwords to accounts in social networks, access to confidential information on e-payment systems, passwords, mailboxes, and keys to electronic wallets for various cryptocurrencies etc. the Obtained information the young man was sold at the thematic forums,” reads the official message of the police of Ukraine.

During a search the suspect was seized computer equipment and mobile phone. This equipment is aimed at computer-technical expertise. After the results they will decide about the presentation of the attacker charges under part 1 of article 361 (unauthorized intervention in work of computers and computer networks) of the criminal code of Ukraine.

Recall that in late March, the postal and telecommunications of Ukraine spent three authorized search in Cherkasy and Kyiv regions of a person suspected of creating computer viruses and trade them for cryptocurrency. The virus was designed to search for vulnerabilities on websites and unauthorized copying of databases to the web applications.