Project: Qwark


What it is: a Liquid cryptocurrency

Start trading 26.05.2017 G.

Rate on the date of bidding start: $0.05

Rates today: $0.16

The total number of tokens: 206 million

The number of tokens in circulation: 50.7 million

Market cap: $8.2 million

Trading volume per day: $31.8 thousand


About the project

Qwark is the first cryptocurrency, released on blockchain technology Ubiq, opening the possibility of creating new markets and services. Qwark is one of the projects of the network Infinitum Flame. Within this network developed two projects: debit card Card Infinitum and affiliate trading network Commerce Infinitum.

Plastic card Infinitum Card allows you to associate are with MasterCard, so it is possible to pay for goods and services and to withdraw cash from the account of the cryptocurrency wallet.

Features of startup:

  • Convenient and fast transfers with low fees.
  • Safe payment of goods and services via the debit card.
  • Discounts for the purchase of goods and services when paying in the system.
  • The use of smart contracts.
  • A system of rewards for donations in the cryptocurrency.

Tokens, the history of the course

Qwark tokens were formed from tokens Sarcoin by sharing in the ratio of 1:1 in July 2017, the Token can be stored in any purse Ubiq.

Bidding began 26.05.2017 the city at the rate of $0.05. The first peak of the growth rate was 18 August when the bidding reached $0.4. The following maximum marks course Qwark reached January 8, and totaled $0.64, and then went down sharply.


  • Bittrex
  • Cryptopia


  • Twitter: 9.1 K

Project news

February 20 will be added direct credit card Card Infinitum cryptocurrency project with automatic conversion rate.

Summary Qwark ICO

The project can hardly be attributed to a number of popular cryptocurrencies. The possibility of making card payments in tokens Qwark is one of the most important factors of potential growth rate because it increases the liquidity of the currency. However, a much greater impact on the course will provide further development of a network Infinitum Flame.

Recommendations: prior to making the decision on inclusion in the portfolio it is advisable to see the other projects of the network Infinitum Flame.

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