Project: Nano (XRB)


What it is: a Decentralized platform for payments

Start trading 07.03.2017 G.

Rate on the date of bidding start: $0.009

Rates today: $9.08

The total number of tokens: 133.2 million

The number of tokens in circulation: 100%

Market capitalization: $1.2 billion

Trading volume per day: $26.7 million

Nano (XRB)

About the project Nano (XRB)

Nano (XRB) – a scalable, decentralized platform for payments with a high transaction rate. The basis of Nano lies peer-to-peer network, which allows instant money transfers between users. The specificity of the platform lies in its innovative structure of the blockchain: each account on the platform has its own blockchain (chain accounts). This feature allows you to instantly update each chain, which makes it possible to implement instant transactions (~700/sec.). The aim of the project – creating a better decentralized payment platform, thanks to the obvious advantages.

Previously, the project was called RaiBlocks. It should be noted that this step was taken not so long ago, so perhaps it is at this stage is rational to invest part of the funds. After all, rebranding is very often followed by higher investments in marketing and attracting new users that will have a positive impact on the exchange rate.


✔ No commissions

✔ High speed of transactions

✔ Scalability

✔ A high degree of protection

📖 White Paper (Rus.):

Cryptocurrency history course Nano (XRB)

Coins XRB are the basis of the payment system Nano (XRB). The maximum number of coins in volume 133 248 290 NANO is already released. An additional issue is not provided.

✔ Start trading 7.03.2017 to the rate of $0.009.

✔ Upward trend: since December, 2017

✔ Maximum rate: 02.01.2018 – $34.43.










Nano (XRB)


Twitter: 75.1 thousand

Reddit: 27.8 thousand

Medium: 2.4 thousand


Cryptocurrency Nano (XRB) has emerged as a result of the rebranding RaiBlocks, held on 31 January 2018 the work on the project RaiBlocks began in 2014 At the ICO, all the coins were mined by entering captchas.

Summary Nano (XRB)

Nano is a promising cryptocurrency, which has several advantages. The upward trend of the course began just a few months ago, just one month, the XRP price rose more than 100 times. To date, the exchange rate dropped significantly against the background of General downturn of the market. However, this cryptocurrency there are good prospects for further growth.

Cryptocurrency Nano included in our list of the most successful ICO in January 2018.

Recommendations: to add to the portfolio.

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