Project: Cryptocurrency Rise (RISE)


What it is: a Platform for decentralized applications

Blockchain: Lisk

Start ICO: 10.05.2016 G.

Received amount: $1.1 million

Auction start: 30.06.2016 G.

Rate on the date of bidding start: $0.007

Rates today: $0.17

Market capitalization: $19 million

Trading volume per day: $2 million

Криптовалюта Rise

Cryptocurrency Rise

Cryptocurrency Rise. About the project.

Rise is a platform for building decentralized applications, smart contracts and digital assets. Platform based on the blockchain Lisk. Rise provides developers with a wide range of programming languages, as well as saghani (side chain) to deploy a separate decentralized applications, so users can use apps created on the platform Rise, without having to download the entire blockchain. The base of the platform lies the blockchain with delegated proof of stake (Delegated Proof of Stake). The project has developed tools to easily and conveniently create applications and smart contracts. The aim of the project is running a large number of applications on the platform and promotion of mobile applications Rise.

In January held the first distribution of tokens LETS holders to RISE in Q1, the distribution of tokens Interlet, 9 Feb cryptocurrency Rise will be removed from exchange listing Bittrex.

Cryptocurrency Rise. ICO Rise

ICO project Rise took place from 10 may to 24 June 2016 the Amount of fees amounted to 1700 BTC or $1.1 million.

Tokens, the history of the course

In circulation today is 113 thousand tokens. On exchanges tokens RISE appeared June 30, 2016 at a rate of $0.007. The upward trend of the course began in early June, 2017 Maximum level the rate has reached 28 of December and was $1.63. Today, amid falling market token rate RISE fell sharply.

Криптовалюта Rise

Cryptocurrency Rise. Course on 5 Feb.


✔ Bittrex (54.73%)

✔ (45.2%)

✔ Upbit (0.04%)

✔ YoBit (0.02%)


  • Twitter: 47.8 thousand
  • Facebook: 2.5 thousand
  • Youtube: 2.2 thousand
  • Reddit: 1.3 thousand

Cryptocurrency Rise. Development and news.

✔ First startup, with whom a partnership agreement was signed on cooperation project Interlet, which is a decentralized service for short term rentals.

✔ 31 January was held a record of the condition of the network for distribution of tokens LETS the holders of a token RISE. A total of 6 months, starting from January 31, 30% of the total number of tokens LETS which is 100 million, will be distributed among the owners of the RISE.

✔ March 31 (or earlier) planned distribution of 20% Interlet tokens between the token holders RISE.

✔ 9 Feb cryptocurrency will be removed from exchange listing Bittrex.

👉 Monitor the technical development of the project at the link:

Cryptocurrency Rise. Summary.

The Rise platform is under development and it is difficult to predict whether the project can withstand strong competition among similar projects. Among the advantages of the project are to highlight the development of simple and user-friendly interface, the beginning of the free distribution of tokens to partners last month and quite a large number of Twitter followers. Among the disadvantages – the high level of competition and delisting on Bittrex, which is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and currently provides more than half of the turnover of the token project.

Recommendations: cryptocurrency Rise may be considered for mid-term acquisitions with the goal of receiving free tokens in the upcoming hand.

If you don’t want to think about investing, there’s always a project Cindicator – artificial intelligence for management of your capital.

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