Project: Blocknet (BLOCK)


What it is: a Platform for decentralized applications

Auction start: 01.11.2014

Rate on the date of bidding start: $0.08

Rates today: $38.19

The number of tokens in circulation: 5 million

Market capitalization: $191 million

Trading volume per day: $445 million


On the Blocknet project

Blocknet is a platform for decentralized applications, based on the XBridge Protocol. This is the first p2p Protocol that provides the interaction nodes in different blockchains. XBridge is open source, which is added to each information product based on Blocknet.

The project is not tied to the currency and is open translatecanvas system that allows to interconnect different services, regardless of centralization/decentralization. The Blocknet platform enables the use of different blockchain services on devices that contain only one blockchain. The project aims to simplify and accelerate the implementation of blockchain technology in everyday use.

Main functions:

  • A decentralized cryptocurrency asset exchange.
  • Interchange between services on different blockchains.
  • Monetization services.


  • Performance.
  • A high level of security.
  • Simplified the process of identifying vulnerabilities.
  • Easy application deployment and integration updates.
  • No need to load the entire blockchain to access a specific service.
  • The ability to scale.

For the decentralized exchange for the moment, there are 38 coins including: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Blocknet, Dash, Litecoin and others. In the nearest plans of the project include increasing the amount of available for the exchange of cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency Blocknet, history of course

The turnover is 5 million BLOCKS. Coin Block required to service the network.

Coins left on the exchange on 1 November 2014 at the rate of $0.08. The growth rate began in April 2017 Maximum level of the rate of BLOCK reached 5 January to $50.39, and the 29th of January 2018, it has sharply new highs, increasing from 38 to 55 $ for 3 hours. Then the rate also fell sharply, so that one can speak of a right speculation of big capital and try to influence the exchange rate.


Course Blocknet (BLOCK) for the last 3 months.


  • Bittrex: 64.63%
  • CryptoBridge: to 34.94%
  • Upbit: 0.43%


  • Twitter: 15 thousand
  • Facebook: 1.5 thousand
  • Reddit: 1.2 thousand
  • Telegram: 0.9 THD
  • Youtube: 0.2 THD
  • Medium: 0.2 THD

Plans for the development of the project on 1st half of 2018

30 January – publication of the road map.

March 1 – official beta release is the new user interface for the decentralized exchange.

March 15 – first release White Paper.

April 1 – new version Blocknet wallet.


Summary Blocknet

The technology of the blockchain has enormous potential. To improve the efficiency of the introduction of blockchain technology in everyday life requires the ability compatibility between blockchains, mobility and modular structure. Blocknet aims to provide all these elements. The number of coins BLOCK is relatively small, the upward trend of the course with periods of correction is observed within 10 months, the course has the potential for further growth.

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