Project: Binance (BNB)


What is: Cryptocurrency exchange

ICO start: July 2017

Received amount: $15 million

Beginning date: 25.07.2017 G.

Rate on the date of bidding start: $0.11

Rates today: $13.57

The total output tokens: 200 million

The number of tokens in circulation: 99 million

Market capitalization: $1.3 billion

Trading volume per day: $97 million

Binance (BNB)

About the project Binance (BNB)

Binance (BNB) is one of the most popular decentralized exchanges today. The exchange was established in 2017 under the leadership of Zhao Campana former technical Director of the exchange, OKCoin.

Country: China.

✅ Supported currencies: 247.

✅ Support Fiat money: no.

✅ Limit withdrawals per day: without verification – 2BTC; after verification – 100BTC (expandable).

✅ Commission:

Funding your account – for free.

Trading operations – 0.1% with 50% discounts (temporary option).

Withdrawal individually for each currency (BTC – 0.02, ETH – 0.1).


✔ Stability and high speed.

✔ Large selection of cryptocurrencies.

✔ High limits and a simple verification.

✔ Large trading volumes.

✔ Low fee.

✔ High-quality support.

✔ The presence of the referral program.

✔ Support forks.

Binance (BNB)

ICO and the economy of tokens Binance (BNB)

ICO Binance took place in July 2017, the Project was able to collect $15 million.

Cryptocurrency BNB released on the Ethereum blockchain. Total production of BNB amounted to 200 million coins the Distribution of tokens:

50% – ICO

40% – team

10% – business angels

Cryptofauna BNB will provide an opportunity for the owners to save on fees that exist on the exchange. The discount will be reduced for 5 years, since the release of cryptocurrency unless canceled at all:

✅ 1st year-50%;

✅ 2nd year – 25%;

✅ 3rd year – 12.5%;

✅ 4-year – 6.75%;

✅ With 5-year discounts no longer apply.

Binance (BNB)

Binance (BNB) exchange rate on 28.01.2018

To receive the discount the user need to have the coins BNB for the account of the Binance and activate the payment of the Commission with BNB. After that all commissions will be automatically recalculated at the BNB at the current exchange rate and debited from the account during the transaction. The fifth part of the income of the exchange after ICO will be directed to redemption and the destruction of tokens in each quarter, thereby resulting in the decrease of coins in circulation while increasing their cost. At the time of the discount on the fee value of BNB have clear value, however, what mechanisms will give the token value after the end of the promotional period, is still unknown.

The opportunity to purchase tokens on BNB exchange appeared July 25, in first day trading price was $0.11. Growth began at the end of December. A peak rate of BNB reached on January 12 to $24.46, showing a nearly tenfold increase for the month.


✔ Binance

✔ Bancor Network

✔ Ether Delta


Twitter: 522 thousand

Facebook: 45.1 thousand

Telegram: 43.9 thousand

Development and news Binance (BNB)

January 4 – the system updates and applications for iOS.

5 Jan Binance (BNB) has suspended the registration of users for a few days due to the large number of registrations.

January 15 was held the burning coins in the amount of 1.8 million currently, the total number of coins is 197.2 million Following the burning of coins is scheduled for April 30th (or earlier).

Over the last month in the listing Binance (BNB) was added 10 new cryptocurrency.

Summary Binance (BNB)

Exchange Binance demonstrated excellent results during the first months of its development and quickly became one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. Today the cryptocurrency BNB has real value and is in demand by numerous users of the exchange Binance.


Recommend exchange Binance to trade scriptactive.

Tokens BNB I recommend to buy as a long-term asset in the case if you plan to use them to save on commissions. Also BNB can be considered for speculative operations, focusing on quarterly combustion of part of the tokens and reduce the size of the fee.

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