Today zcash for successfully completed the transition to the new Protocol Sapling. The improvement includes a new protected address purses, and also significantly increases the network throughput. Information about successful update was published in the official Twitter account zcash for Company.

Hardwork was activated at the height of the block 419200. Thanks to Sapling the formation transactions decreased by 90%, and the amount of required memory is at 97%. In addition, the Bank introduced new measures to ensure confidentiality: the ceremony for generating public parameters of the transaction and more secure algorithm for computing the pairing.

In the announcement on the transition to the new Protocol, says:

“Activation of the Sampling, which took place in a milestone for the project point — its second anniversary, made us a step closer to large-scale implementation of the open, inclusive, and confidential payment system”.

At the moment, users can transfer the funds from the original circuit only if the disclosure of the full amount of funds stored in their wallets. Zcash for the team explained that it is necessary to audit the monetary base protected addresses; however, the developers have stated that soon will be available a tool for automatic migration ZEC with minimal intervention.

Sampling the second and final upgrade in the series of enhancements zcash for. Preparatory hardwork called Overwinter on June 26 on the block 347500.