Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi this week introduced an intelligent B2B platform for enterprises and the blockchain is a product allowing users to earn tokens.

Mi Router platform, developed in collaboration with the provider of cloud services of Kingsoft Cloud, addressed to legal entities and provides a set of tools to quickly locate network problems, and this, as noted by Xiaomi, is a significant contribution to improving the quality of services provided.

The second product is designed for individuals — we are talking about the blockchain app Wifi Chain, initial launched in April. Using the app, the Xiaomi device owners can earn “mili”, which means of a grain of rice. “Mili” can be seen as a token of ecosystem Xiaomi: it can be used for purchases or exchanged. The token has a limited issue and fixed daily issue.

Currently users can get it if every day to go to the app, share WiFi, to connect new devices in the “Internet of things” (IoT), to use the products of the brand Xiaomi Youpin, invite friends and so on. However, it is expected that, over time, to earn “Mili” will become more difficult.

It should be noted, with the launch of the platform Mi Router tokens become available and institutional clients: companies are now able to accumulate these kind of bonus points.

Probably some users already familiar with the “rice grains”: based on the famous CryptoKitties, in March, Xiaomi has launched its blockchain-game CryptoBunnies that uses “mili”. In addition, the token gradually integrated into basic products and a set of directions online business Chinese technogiant.

Overall, the token-Mili is the new blockchain experiment Xiaomi, which the company expects to attract new customers.

In this case something similar has already introduced another major Chinese company — working in the field of electronic Commerce. So, a program on the blockchain for Wechat messenger “Hash Manor” offers users to earn tokens “Jingxin”, then using them in the ecosystem or exchanging gifts.

Note that their developments in the field of blockchain keeps most Chinese Internet companies. Suffice it to recall the many projects of the Chinese search engine Baidu, among which analog CryptoKitties, space blockchain game and also a major project of the service Totem with the release of their own tokens.

The Chinese company put on the blockchain seriously: a subsidiary of group one of the largest companies of China, Alibaba recently announced that some of the collected in the course of one of the largest funding rounds of $14 billion will be spent on the development of technology.

And while all this is happening in the state, which is characterized by a very tough position in relation to new forms of money, probably, course, selected the top Chinese companies in the near future will not change. We will remind, several days ago the Deputy Minister of industry and Informatization of China Blue gobin V. (Xin Guobin) said about the use of technology and the need to develop it.

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