Company-smartphone maker Xiaomi announced that ICO token secured with shares was not authorized, and Xiaomi itself has nothing to do with him.

In June, the Russian investment firm Blackmoon has announced the release of token BMxXMI, who must ensure securities Xiaomi, which will appear on the exchanges on July 9 after a public shareholding company.

However, according to South China Morning Post, Xiaomi representative in his comments to the publication stressed that they do not know about the ongoing ICO and support, Blackmoon they are not going.

According to published on the website Blackmoon information participants primary supply of tokens will have access to the Xiaomi shares without direct ownership. Collected funds (denominated in BTC, LTC and ETH) are displayed in the Fiat and handed over to the brokers. They, in turn, acquire shares of Xiaomi in the secondary market on behalf of investors.

At the expiration of the period of ban on trading, which accounts for 93 days, the owners BMxXMI can give brokers the sales order, and they will place the appropriate orders on the exchanges.

Blackmoon refused to disclose the names of the brokers that plan to work, and did not comment on the availability of licenses allowing to provide services in Hong Kong. In response to the request CoinDesk about his own legal status, Blackmoon said that the arrangement “meets the requirements of the competent authorities”, as well as the ability of the company to participate in the IPO, Xiaomi and distribute tokens.

Xiaomi hopes to obtain during his first public shareholding $4.7 billion. Estimated press is one of the largest initial offerings in Hong Kong for the current year. The last major IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange held by Canaan Creative, the second largest manufacturer of mining equipment in China. The company has managed to attract investments worth $1 billion.

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