Ethereum have turned out to be a busy week: Creator alithina acne Buterin introduced a new working solution for the scalability of Plasma, and the representative of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), confirmed that ETH is not a security. At the same token seriously suffered from the Sunday prices collapsed, losing about 11% of its value (at the time of writing the exchange rate of ETH $496,52).

About the development of the Plasma, little is known: most of the details discussed behind closed doors. It is known that the planned future conference calls regarding the implementation process. In addition, the developers of Ethereum Research actively discussed in Twitter Plasma Debit — upgrade accounting system transactions and commissions of the operators in the network Plasma Cash.

Before starting Plasma is still far away; however, if the project is successfully completed and tested, the scalability of Ethereum chain will increase significantly — especially in combination with the Plasma sharding. Prysmatic also made progress in respect of sharding geth. It is expected that in the future both projects will be merged, but a specific date has not yet named.

Another QoL-update received and the main client geth. Such enhancements to the user experience, are always welcome Ethereum community — especially in the case of geth, using less system resources and faster processing units.

Positive news come from the regulatory front US. During the Sunday summit, the UN member of the Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC) Rostin Benham (Rostin Behnam), who, referring in his comments threads blockchain said that it’s not just technology, but a tool of transformation of human life.

Today there was a comment representative of the SEC William Hinman (William Hinman), finally pojasnili question of whether ETH valuable paper; and, contrary to the expectations of many skeptics, the answer is negative.

Perhaps this will set a precedent for the resolution of such discussions in respect of other alithinou. In the meantime, developers and investors Ethereum enjoy a great victory.

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