Rating Agency Weiss Ratings has published an updated ranked list of cryptocurrencies. Analysts Weiss assigned a positive rating (above “B -“), only four assets: XRP, Stellar, EOS and Cardano.

According to the Weiss scale, the grade is above “B-” denotes a recommendation to the acquisition of the asset. The rankings Analytics Weiss in the first place was based on the potential of cryptocurrency:

“These assets, among a few others, gradually begin to take full form, combining advanced technology with real ispolzovaniem. They are still not at the finish line, but they have progressed”.

So, XRP and XLM received a positive assessment due to their practical use for the traditional financial sectors, as EOS and ADA — because of the promising architecture of their networks, allowing you to create and maintain a decentralized community

“The XRP and Stellar attractive to commercial and other financial institutions, mainly due to accelerated remittances. In turn, EOS and Cardano developed more as a virtual community in which each participant is empowered to determine the direction of the development of the project that [hypothetically], you can find a lot of uses.”

Weiss Ratings also invited a few traders for the forecasting session on opportunities for the leaders of the rating Agency. During the session, representatives of Weiss showed that optimistic:

“They have achieved significant results in massive losses in the market when the reputation of the sector suffered huge damage, and even worse. Now imagine the market performance of these projects once the cryptocurrency markets stabiliziruemost and return interest from investors!”

The first release of crypto-currency rating Weiss was held in January. According to the previous ranking, published in may bitcoin received a rating of “B-“, that is, on the verge of recommendations for retention and acquisition. This time the BTC score fell to a “C”.