Last Thursday, the patent and trademark office (USPTO) has published another application from Walmart that is associated with bloccano that describes the “safe” control system delivery.

Despite the fact that the delivery service provides convenience, allowing you to avoid having to go to the warehouse, planning of delivery can be difficult, especially when a signature is required. In such cases, the recipient must either be present at the place of delivery, or leave someone a power of attorney for the receipt of goods. In the first case, it may be challenging to choose a time convenient both to the company and the recipient. The second — safety of the resulting product may be compromised.

In the recently published application entitled “Device and method of reservation delivery”, Walmart offers one way to address this problem. The company describes the blockchain-control system special boxes for delivery, where the parcel can be kept safe for a long time — as long as the recipient doesn’t take them.

Implementation of the blockchain in such boxes for storing items, turns them to the node network. This will help secure them for the specific clients and also help to track the employment of each of them. In the text of the entry is explained:

“The docking station 12 may be associated with a single customer, small group of customers, or many customers. Thus, the individual units of the docking station will be assigned to specific recipients. Docking station 12 may be, for example, near a block of flats, and each owner/tenant can obtain access to one or several boxes on the docking station 12 to receive their parcels”.

Also, through the use of the blockchain for delivery can be assigned not only a convenient location but also the time of receipt and the authentication method of the client.

“After Boxing the docking station 12 has received the package, docking station sends to the smart device of the recipient a notification message about the delivery. Arriving at the place of deployment of the docking station 12, the customer can open the box by any suitable method, for example, by entering an access code or biometric information using the interface, sending the data access rights (such as access code etc.) on the control circuit using the device, etc.”

A new application for the method of delivery of the goods in the boxes included in the complex of the company-developed projects aimed at the creation of “smart” delivery system. So earlier, Walmart has developed a monitoring system of delivery drones, in collaboration with IBM creates a blockchain-based system for tracking food, and in March applied for the smart package is provided with information about sent product.

It is worth mentioning that the retail giant is working on a blockchain-based systems that are not directly related to its primary activity. So last month Walmart was granted a patent for two such systems — for energy management and access to critical medical data stored in the blockchain.

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