In the media there were rumors about the alleged upcoming collaboration between Stellar and Ripple. The reason for the appearance of these messages has been the translation of some 41 million XRP the crypto McCaleb jed (Jed McCaleb), the former technical Director of Ripple and founder of Stellar. Details of the transaction were published on Twitter back in early November.

First transition was reported by a Twitter-bot XRPL Monitor. In the thread under the original tweet immediately drew attention to the fact that, in large amounts, the Commission for the payment of such category have been rated transactions — amounted to less than a cent.

Soon the user under the name KrisK identified the recipient as jed McCaleb. In response, another participant of the thread wrote:

“If so, expect a dump XRP and Pampa XLM”.

Other versions of why McCaleb received about $18 million in XRP, include the flow of investment and the attempt Pampa by Machalaba using two accounts, and attempt to demonstrate the Ripple bandwidth and low fees inside their network. However, the part of the user sure that the wallet that sent funds, belongs to the most Ripple.

In this regard in mass media there were speculative pieces about what is likely cryptocurrency startups should soon announce the conclusion of the agreement or the beginning of a shared project. Like this has happened before (in August sent a Ripple Maccalube $2.1 billion in XRP), and not a Stellar or Ripple subsequently on any joint initiatives announced.

Writes Global Coin Report, the partnership of predostavila would both start-UPS “access to new markets, has given them political clout, led to lower costs […] and it would be beneficial to all their partners.”

Ripple continues to increase its network: over the past 10 days, the company has signed various agreements with MUFG, CIMB and Bradesco and obtained the inclusion of the XRP in the range of accepted digital assets Coinbase Custody. Stellar, in turn, continues to develop its strategic partnership with IBM.