The IT organization World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) will add to your project cryptocurrency payment solution for browsers support Lightning Network for bitcoin. This is with reference to one of the developers of LN according to CoinDesk.

In conversation with CoinDesk programmer Christian Decker (Christian Decker) noted that it is a W3C API for browsers that support the selected developers of cryptocurrency, and its specifications are fully compatible with Lightning Network. He added:

“It can not but rejoice, because to switch between the traditional means of payment, bitcoin and payment solutions based on Lightning will be possible just in one click, and sellers will be easier to work with bitcoin along with traditional [payment] methods.”

API functionality, developed by world wide web consortium W3C also provides for the preservation of information about the means of payment — credit card number and its expiration date, address Lightning-wallet, and others — to accelerate the processing of subsequent payments.

According to the developers, the main problems of the project remain the assignment networks Bitcoin and Lightning payment identifiers, as well as some drawbacks, the most Lightning Network. However, Decker is confident that “bitcoin or lightning-payments is probably more secure [to pay] than credit cards.”

Some browsers (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, browser Samsung and Mozilla) are already using the API in full mode; Mozilla Firefox has experienced only a beta-version of the interface.

The project consortium W3C has been in development since 2013 and is maintained solely on a voluntary basis by over 170 developers. The initiative is supported by Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple and Mozilla.