Token VeChain VET became the second asset, along with the XMR, whose value increase in recent days has exceeded 10%. According to the Ethereum World News, the reason of increase of quotations VET was the announcement of the recently concluded and upcoming partnerships.

The day before yesterday, the company announced the beginning of cooperation with the people’s insurance company of China (PICC). As stated in the relevant press release, PICC chose VeChain as a solutions provider to accelerate business processes and protection of insurance payments under policies, since the company has all necessary PICC services.

The founder and Creator of VeChain VET Sonny Lu (Sunny Lu) confirmed the information about the partnership and thanked cryptologist for supporting the initiatives VeChain. He continued, stressing that feedback is very important for the company so the decision to extend the compulsory period of inactivity of the node X was made on the basis of user comments.

In addition, VeChain yesterday announced the launch of an updated version mainnet with higher performance, no bugs release version, as well as several QoL-innovations.

In addition, during a recent AMA session on YouTube Liu said that the company is preparing to close a deal with another manufacturer of cars (VeChain is already working with BMW and Renault), but the title did not disclose.

Recall that the current updates are part of the revised development plan VeChain. The plan was changed in early July of this year in connection with the swap of tokens.