On Monday, the Chinese cryptocurrency startup VeChain reported that it has revised its roadmap of development in response to the concerns of the community regarding the exchange of tokens.

This project creates trust distributed ecosystem for business, has launched its mainnet last week, but it will remain inactive until then, until VeChain not migrate to a completely independent network. At the moment the token VET working on the blockchain Еthereum standard ERC20.

However, the swap token on VET VEN has for some currency holders real stumbling block, especially because of the so-called status of “X-node” (Node X).

As explained by the Fund VeChain, the X Node encourages early supporters of the project who owns a certain number of tokens, giving them the opportunity to launch a special class of nodes with a number of advantages. For example, in the future, they will be able to upgrade to an even more privileged status of the node.

To maintain the status of the X-node, users must continue to maintain the necessary balance, which will be “under the supervision” of the Fund VeChain.

According to the original version of the manual VeChain on the wallet to switch your status of the X-node of Еthereum on mainnet project, users meeting specified criteria, have until August 1 to move their tokens to the mobile wallet application VeChain.

But despite assurances VeChain that their wallet is safe, the community forums users have begun to Express concern about its use. What will happen to their status X-node, if they are, for example, lose your smartphone?

Another reason for the discontent of users was the news that the alternative mobile wallet called VeChainThor Ledger will only be available after the migration is complete, X-node.

“It will make people nervous… I want my tokens are safe, but don’t want to lose their status X,” wrote a Reddit user under the nickname _Neil_ wrote.

Another user, spellboundaries also criticized the company, saying:

“They could better solve this problem, especially in a space like crypto where security is for users, the main priority and where the money they invest in things like hardware wallets. IMHO — what they make us do pretty stupid”.

The response to these statements was the announcement of the Fund on the extension of the migration period X-Noda ten days after the application starts VeChainThor Ledger. The company also reported that monitoring of the X-node will start three weeks after it launched a mobile service exchange tokens. The specific date is still unknown.

In addition, VeChain will present “monitoring functionality of the purse”, which will allow users to create addresses private keys VeChain using alternative means (such as hardware or desktop wallets), to manage their status of X-node and translate it through this mobile wallet.

One step Foundation — a promise “to hindsight, and to compensate for VTHO holders of tokens” for the migration of X-node and the period of the swap token “upon completion of the entire period of migration.” However, more detailed information about how and when it happens, VeChain is not provided.

“We heard your feedback. In our opinion, is the best way to strike a balance between the desired level of security and user functionality,” said Fund.

These changes were welcomed by users. It should be noted that while some of the participants of the community forum on Reddit admired the actions of the Fund and its “responsiveness”, while others reacted more skeptically:

“It’s called professionalism,” wrote the user under the name sevletor.

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