Yesterday the developer API IOTA Tangle delion: api announced on Twitter the launch of a new payment function within the network. Users can now send and receive funds using only e-mail address — similar to PayPal.

Co-founder delion Gandaki Malik (Malik Dakdaki) wrote a post on Medium, thinking about this comparison. He noted that the company’s goal has always been to give users the ability to comfortably forward the token without the use of wallets and cryptographic addresses. According to the developers delion, these features attractive enough for people and can not ensure mass adoption.

Gandaki also mentioned the problem of low rate of transaction processing. He stressed that the necessary payment channel that works with the same high speed regardless of the workload Tangle. Currently delion: api is working on this kind of system, focused on businesses and not requiring confirmation of a verification node for processing of the transaction.

Gandaki completed post the announcement of the distribution of 100 tokens IOTA each user who will test the new feature.

Despite positioning IOTA Tangle as of a network with “infinite” scalability, in July, there was a significant overload. Many have accused the IOTA Foundation in ignoring the problems of parasitic cycles.