CoinMarketCap, the most popular aggregator of data on the cryptocurrency market, removed the pair stablein Tether (USDT)/us dollar (USD) from the summary tables after the reply received from the exchange Bitfinex.

On Tuesday, the publication CoinDesk found on CoinMarketCap not existing actually shopping a couple who allegedly traded on Bitfinex. Thus, at the time of detection, the pair USDT/USD was in the rating aggregator second place on the daily trading volume. After CoinDesk published an article about it, cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex hastened to explain that “trading volume” of the currency pair, shown on CoinMarketCap, reflects in reality the amount of withdrawals and deposits stablein USDT platform.

“The team has revised the scope of the market Tether to exclude a few (USDT/USD)… You can see it on the page (market Tether): a pair marked with two asterisks, indicating that the amount excluded”, — said Director of marketing CoinMarketCap, Carilyn Chan (Chan Carylyne).

It is worth noting that on the page of the exchange Bitfinex to the aggregator of any change has not happened yet. The couple retained the second place ranking by daily trading volume and is not marked with any special signs. Second, the total volume traded on the exchange of assets specified at the top of the page, based on a pair USDT/USD, although it should be excluded. While Chan did not comment on it.

Director of public relations Bitfinex Casper Rasmussen (Kasper Rasmussen) said that these indicators are non-existent volume of trading pair does not mean anything, and the API method, which uses CoinMarketCap, keeps track of what is inside information and hence can be interpreted incorrectly.

Despite the fact that Bitfinex has completely shifted the responsibility for displaying indicators on CoinMarketCap, the aggregator is responsible that the exchange did not respond to requests when trying to determine the nature of numbers. According to Chan, the essence of these requests were made to find out what reflect data obtained from the Bitfinex API.

Even before the publication of the article Rasmussen reported the publication CoinDesk that the trading pair USDT/USD is not available for transactions on the exchange, and that the company will closely monitor the data displayed in pivot table aggregator. Further letters to journalists, contains statements from representatives of CoinMarketCap, Bitfinex is not answered as long as the article has not been published. After this exchange protested to the header that sounded like “Bitfinex publishes market data Tether, which does not exist” and stated that for providing the data API is responsible only CoinMarketCap.

“We do not publish fake numbers; the API method called “movemet_volume”, is not part of our Ticker API… This is another not so shining example of FUDа against Bitfinex/Tether”, — was said in a tweet the official account Bitfinex.

Talk about close ties Tether and go to Bitfinex cryptocurrency community for a long time. There is information about the fact that both companies are headed by the same people. Today Bitfinex accused once of speculations stablename Tether (USDT), when it became known that the issuing company destroyed 500 million tokens. All of these tokens before it was cancelled in storage Tether. A large part of all coin came from addresses associated with Bitfinex. The media have suggested that exchange is trying to restore parity of the dollar with the USDT, which was broken over a week ago.

Today, according to CoinMarketCap, the Tether is trading at a price of about $0,98, still not reaching the necessary rate of $1.