Anonymous cryptocurrency investor from Australia has put $8.5 million Australian dollars that by 2023 BTC quotes will exceed the value of a share of class A Berkshire Hathaway — the holding company of Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett).

According to the CEO of the Australian branch of bookmakers William Hill Tom Waterhouse, the rate made known in the cryptocurrency industry expert.

“The big Bet: the Famous cryptocurrency expert just requested a bet for $8.5 million AUD, with a payout of $1.2 billion for what one bitcoin will cost more shares of Berkshire Hathaway (approx. $280 million) by 2023. Brought him to a major syndicate — I hope he’s ready!”

The exchange rate at the time of writing, the value of rates in U.S. dollars — $6.3 million with the gain of approximately $890 million. Value of one share of Berkshire class A in excess of $288 000. So that auction bitcoin price have five years to grow more than 40 times.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett is famous for its long-lasting negative attitude towards bitcoin. In may, many media quoted his statement that BTC is not a real investment instrument:

“If you buy a farm, apartment hotel or a share in the business… this is a successful attachment. Your investment should bring you a profit. But if you buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, you don’t have anything that would create value. You have only the hope that someone else will pay more.”

And even last year, in that time, bitcoin was moving toward its historical peak, Buffett urged students of business schools, that bitcoin is a bubble. The same thing was repeated during a television interview in January of this year. And even in 2014, when the rate BTC was at around $320, he insisted that this asset is not worth attention.

After two months ago, an investor called bitcoin “a double dose of rat poison” in the time of the meeting of shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway, a provider of cloud mining Genesis Mining has placed near the offices of the holding company in Omaha (Nebraska, USA) billboards with the inscription: “Warren, you admitted that you were wrong about Google and Amazon. Could you be wrong about Bitcoin?”.

“These billboards put in Omaha near the office of Warren Buffett. that’s really true”

The text on the billboards is a reference to the statement Buffett made during the recording of the CNBC interview in may. In the same interview he admitted that is not fully versed in the root of the technology of bitcoins.

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