The experiment of the Bank of Russia on the issue of the tokens was a success, said representatives of the institutions in the panel session “Financial center and offshore in the far East” Eastern economic forum (WEF).

According to the news Agency TASS, the Deputy Director of Department of financial market development Ivan Semigin noted that the regulator has tested the process of conducting experimental initial distribution of tokens (ICO) on the basis of available resources, the results are successful, although leave a number of questions.

“In the framework of the “sandbox” of the Bank of Russia recently an experiment was conducted to conduct the ICO on the basis of existing infrastructure, technically everything went OK, but left a lot of questions from a legal point of view,” said Semagin.

Plans for the trial of ICO at the site of the regulator first became known in may: on the initiative of the said investment company Sberbank Sberbank SIB and national settlement Depository (NSD). It was assumed that the Issuer will deliver to the company Level One that manages the largest commercial center, while Sberbank will be the issue Manager and anchor investor, and NSD will assume responsibility for registration, recording and storage of digital assets.

The launch of the so-called “sandbox” of the Bank of Russia, in which take part both state bodies and other structures, exploring space, took place in April of this year. The purpose for which it was organized, — the elaboration and implementation of innovative technologies, which implies the need for a new approach to regulation and its legislative consolidation. For example, in the early summer on the basis of the platform started a pilot test of exchange algorithms for working with private capital that are associated with cryptocurrencies, is involved in the project are Sberbank and Alfa-Bank.

Ivan Semagin not explained what legal aspects deserve priority attention, stressing the success of the technical component of the process.

We will remind, in the opinion of the special representative of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, the country is not yet ready for release and circulation of cryptocurrency.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the problems arising in the field of the ICO characteristic of the market as a whole. Now, according to one recent study, about half of the ICO 2017 failed to convince investors.