The famous financial analyst of Fundstrat Tom Lee (Tom Lee) believe that the annual crypto conference that the fourth time will be held in new York from may 14 to 17, can let the exchange rate bitcoins to again reach record levels.

Experts Fundstrat expect traditional rally course leading cryptocurrency during the event. In your application you indicated that the conferences in past years coincided with the jump of the exchange rate for bitcoin by 10-70%. According to the forecast of financial analysts, this year figures can surpass the results of previous years.

Indeed, last year, when the conference gathered about 2750 supporters of the cryptocurrency, more than double in 2016, the exchange rate for bitcoin has soared by 69% during the event and by 138% over the next 2 months. This year the number of participants is expected to be about 7,000 people.

“The world’s largest cryptocephaline, attendance, which this year increased significantly, is when the rate of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in General have decreased since the beginning of the year. Accordingly, we expect even more significant rally in connection with the conduct of a Consensus than in previous years,” MarketWatch quoted Tom Lee, the publishing division of Dow Jones Media Group.

According to forecast Whether the course leading cryptocurrency can once again soar to $15 000 or even get to close to the historical maximum.

Recognizing that the regulation of cryptocurrencies can be a deterrent, If I am sure that the significance of the event in the end will have a greater impact.

“What could go wrong? Comments on the issue of risks associated with regulation, during the Consensus — negative. However, we do not expect that this will take place,” said Lee.

At the same time, no one doubts that regulation will be a hot topic for discussion during the conference when there were fears that even the Ethereum can be referred by the controller to the class of securities. If the Commission securities and exchange Commission (SEC) to take such a decision, it will have huge consequences for the young industry.

It should be noted, Whether the forecasts often are confirmed one way or another. In August 2017 he expressed confidence that by mid-2018 course leading digital currency will exceed $6000, which eventually happened, however, much earlier. He also correctly assumed that after the tax day in the USA on April 17 of this year, the rate of bitcoin will once again start moving upwards. And so it happened, although, according to other experts, it is impossible to determine exactly what caused the exchange rate to reverse.

As a long-term perspective, Lee demonstrates bullish views, offering investors “to be patient”. Analysts believe that the rate of bitcoin will exceed the value of the historical maximum and will reach $25 000 by the end of 2018, and admits that subsequently it is possible to increase the rate to $100 000.