Russian production company Tokenville announced the release of a graphic series “The Crypto Treasures”. The plot of the comic is devoted to the struggle between good and evil and the search for the mythical creature known as a “Mass adoption”. The first episode was released on the project website yesterday, production was headed by well-known in the comics industry author Vitaly Terletsky.

The plot of the series based on the major events and trends in the cryptocurrency industry and presented in the form of a series of myths. So, in the first episode plays out the creation myth in which the role of the designated Creator Satoshi Nakamoto, the role of heroes, characters Magical Crypto Friends, and the role of the villain — John McAfee (John McAfee).

Team Tokenville believes that in ten years of existence, the cryptocurrency industry has its own mythology:

“Cryptocurrency is its own creation story, in which Satoshi is the Creator, the history of UPS and downs, friendship and betrayal, heroes and villains seeking to get a kind of Holy Grail in the form of mass adoption”.

According to the authors, The Crypto Treasures is radically different from other graphic series for two reasons. First, after reading each episode, the readers will be able to acquire special artifacts as tokens of the standard ERC-721, which can be grouped in “bundles” to win a specific prize or to sell on the dedicated market. Secondly, payment of a subscription to the comic is also carried out in tokens Tokenville, TV, or in ETH. Token TV can be purchased on the HitBTC exchange.

Representatives Tokenville argue that comics embody promising format entertainment content for the audience of fans of cryptocurrencies, but can also become a good means of educational program for beginners in this field. In addition, according to the team Tokenville, the comics can reach a new level of interactivity at the expense of irreplaceable tokens and decentralized applications because any content — the characters, the strips, and even the cover — you can tokenservice.

Over the past year, the entertainment industry, in particular, its niche-oriented geek culture, demonstrated the growing interest in the introduction of tokens into its services. In March, the manufacturer of the game engine Unity has announced the inclusion of tokenization tool in their software for game developers.