Verkhovna Rada Deputy Yuriy Derevyanko announced on Monday that the Parliament should within the week to consider a bill oblegchenno tax regime for miners and crypto investors. In particular, we are talking about exemption from taxation of income related to digital assets until December 31, 2029 (10 years).

During the conciliatory Council of the Rada of October 1, Derevyanko said:

“I believe that we need a moratorium for the next 10 years to the taxation of this sector. We need to organize and legalize this huge segment which is the locomotive of the new economy. These people — the creative class, which is now in internal exile. We must create the conditions for development and exclude them from this emigration.”

In addition, bill No. 9083-1 “On amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine regarding the taxation of transactions of virtual assets in Ukraine” contains a fixed definition of technical and financial concepts used in the cryptocurrency industry. So, according to the document, cryptocurrencies are considered “intangible digital assets”.

Another draft law affecting taxes on income from activities associated with cryptocurrencies has been registered in the Verkhovna Rada on September 14. The law predlagaet 5%-18% deduction from the value of property, expressed in tokens, and kainah.

Currently, cryptocurrency mining and trading are not subject to compulsory licensing on the territory of Ukraine. The national Bank did not recognize the cryptocurrency as legal tender, but transactions with the digital asset is not prohibited.