A number of other cryptocurrency ATMs around the world rose to almost 4000. The updated statistics presented this week, the online Coinatmradar.

The most noticeable inflow was Bitcoin ATM for Cash (BCH) over the last year their number grew to 1200. According to Coinatmradar, only 74 countries, there are 3962 cryptocurrency machine. In addition, analysts have counted 141 809 “other” services that provide similar services. Basically, it’s payment terminals, slot machines and traditional ATMs, where you can buy cryptocurrency.

Experts point out that the whole cryptocurrency industry of such machines is growing exponentially for the past two years. In may this year, the installation rate of crypto ATM increased by 66%, and in August it became known that the total number of ATMs exceeded 3,500 pieces. As shown Coinatmradar, the speed of new machines is reduced — about 6.7 devices are installed in the world every day. This indicator was calculated based on the period in the last seven days.

More than 71% of all cryptocurrency ATMs installed in North America, with 23.5% — in Europe. Third place is Asia with 2.5% of machines, followed by Oceania with 1.3%, and South America — 0,98%. In Russia managed to count only 11 ATM, and 7 of them are located in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district. A large part of the machines with Bitcoin Cash — 993 pieces — established in North America.

The service also has data on producers cryptocurrency ATM. So, the largest producer was the company Genesis Coin, which owns 32% of all machines on the market. In second place was General Bytes with a share of 29.2%. It should be noted that only 38.2% of all cryptocurrency ATMs have functions such as purchase and sell digital money. With the help of other machines cryptocurrency can only buy. While ATM enables you to perform operations with five digital currencies: bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash, ether (ETH), Dash (Dash) and Lytkina (LTC). Last month one of the manufacturers of cryptocurrency ATMs Lamassu, the company introduced a new model, capable of operation also with zcash for (ZEC).

Experts predict further market growth. According to research company Marketsandmarkets, published in September, compound annual growth of cryptocurrency ATMs will be more than 54%. This seems to be true in connection with the recently concluded partnership agreement manufacturer Genmega ATMs with LibertyX, which involves adding a function purchase cryptocurrency at thousands of machines in the United States.