Yesterday, the Creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee) announced on Twitter that LTC is available for exchange between the users inside the Telegram messenger. The function has developed and implemented the Swiss startup Zulu Republic.

In his tweet Lee praised the company for the timeliness and contribution to the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency:

“The bearish trend is the best moment to work on implementation. Check out You can send and receive LTC via telegram. Later will support SMS. Great job, @ztxrepublic! We will continue to create, and they (users — approx. CoinMarket.News) will come. Introduction — this is important!”

Zulu specializiruetsya on the development of decentralized applications and the creation of an “ecosystem of digital platforms on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain”.

How to write in his blog, the developers, the users of Telegram will be able to perform operations on the LTC using text queries in a chat with the bot. The bot’s functionality provides a dedicated API system Zulu. The company stressed that it did not have any access to private keys, the protection of which provide RSA encryption and user password.

Bot allows you to check balances and send LTC address or wallet, or by e-mail (provided that the destination is registered on the project website). According to the developers Zulu Republic, the choice fell on the Telegram as having “the most secure instant messenger in the world” that provides privacy to “default”. As Lee said, in the future, the startup plans to extend the service to text messages (SMS) to users in countries with low Internet penetration, high levels of censorship and/or economic marginalization and conflict.

Also, the assurances of developers, the service is available for sending money to people who have “no Litecoin wallet, or his address is not known, even if the addressee has no idea how to use cryptocurrency”.

In the niche of SMS payments Zulu have Republic already have competition: on Tuesday, the company-manufacturer of Inuit received a patent for a system for processing bitcoin payments via SMS.

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