Last week in Toronto hosted a two-day summit called EIP:0, on which the Ethereum community representatives discussed the development of solutions to ecosystem management due to the expansion of the network and a variety of different opinions regarding further technological development.

Yesterday was published the statement in which prominent representatives of the community, Ethereum has supported new methods of network management proposed in the course of the summit. In particular, Parity Technologies, Aragon and Web3 Foundation has already expressed its support for the developed a management plan for the network by signing the “statement of intent”.

In the list of signatories also includes L4 Ventures, the developer Rettig lane (Lane Rettig), founder Giveth Griff green (Griff Green), member of the Ethereum Foundation Hudson Jameson (Jameson Hudson) and startup Gnosis.

The signers pledged to create a list of common values Ethereum, to support the establishment “of tools and open source collection of key signals and metrics” as well as conduct monthly management meetings and to organize a second, more ambitious summit EIP:0.

Among the key signals, referred to — the volume of trading Ethereum, the number of active contracts and projects on GitHub and other factors. The statement said that one of the ways to encourage this technological development may become grants.

It should be noted that the expected second summit EIP:0 has already started to receive significant support among members of the community. So the developer and head of communications Technologies, Parity Sudan the Afri (Afri Schoedon), wrote in his Twitter:

“This summit should be as inclusive as possible. And if they come to 350 thousand people, we have to live with it”.

The statement also noted that the upcoming summit will have to rely on the existing model, including through “opportunities for interaction with the audience, not the audience.” Time, venue and participants of the second EIP:0 will be determined later.