The Stuttgart stock exchange, the second largest in the ranking of the exchanges in Germany, will launch the ICO platform. This became known last Thursday.

The new platform will be part of the infrastructure from end-to-end encryption for digital assets, which is currently under development. ICO-platform standartisied the process of selling tokens and make it fully transparent to issuers. In addition, the exchange creates a cryptocurrency trading platform and custodial service.

Interestingly, a few months ago, the German exchange announced the development of mobile apps for purchase and sale of digital currencies Bison. It will be free and with zero Commission charges when running. The release of the application expected in September. The ICO platform and marketplace will begin work after this release, but custodial services will be available to clients prior to the event.

The exchange also wants to enter the secondary market, so developing new products accordingly. As explained by the Manager of the Stuttgart stock exchange Alexander Heptner (Alexander Hoptner):

“All tokens issued with our ICO platform, can be sold on the secondary market. This is an important factor for the success of the campaigns for the initial placement of the coins. At the same time, we satisfy the demand of retail and institutional investors in the regulated and reliable service to trade cryptocurrency”.

Geptner added that the exchange will maintain close cooperation with regulatory bodies. The creation of cryptocurrency solutions, according to the Manager, demonstrates the commitment of the exchange to help financial market to transform into a digital paradigm.

“We can offer services in a centralized digital asset in the production chain… We will contribute to the promotion of digital assets,” said Heptner.

It should be noted that not only the Stuttgart stock exchange develops solutions for the cryptocurrency sphere. In March, the Toronto stock exchange announced that her daughter had signed a contract about creating a cryptocurrency brokerage company, which at the initial stage will pay attention to the work of bitcoin and ether. And in July, SIX Group, the parent company of the Swiss main stock exchange, said that next year will launch a new trading platform designed to licenzirovanie digital assets.

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