The Commission on securities and stock exchanges (SEC) the US said that began to discuss bitcoin exchange-traded Fund (ETF) Cboe, the main question which is to approve it or not.

The Commission presented the “resolution on initiation of proceedings on the decision of the question, to approve or not to approve the proposed changes in the rules” which are owned by Cboe BZX Exchange, Inc., the brainchild of VanEck and cryptocurrency startup SolidX. Bitcoin ETF began to seek regulatory approval last year, but was refused, and this summer has again submitted an application to the SEC. According to the application, the companies intend to create a bitcoin ETF to list Bitcoin Shares on the stock exchange SolidX.

“This decision is appropriate in the moment, in terms of legal and political issues raised by the application. The initiation of the decision does not mean that the Commission has already come to specific conclusions on these issues. Rather, the Commission encourages interested persons to post comments about the proposed changes to the rules,” wrote the Secretary of the SEC fields Brent (Brent Fields) in the document.

In the last sentence, fields mentions the opportunity to comment on the application on the official website of the Commission. To date, such reviews, there are more than 1400.

Recall that in August, the SEC has postponed action on the Cboe. Under current rules, the Commission may again move the final stage of the process in February, but promised to render a decision at the end of September.

In late summer, the SEC has not approved nine ETFs, applications for which were filed by three different companies. However, later the media learned that proposals will be considered again. Hester pierce (Hester Peirce), Commissioner of the Commission, explained that he did not agree with such actions by the SEC, this time applications will be considered higher officials.